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How To File Insurance Claim Against Founded in 1936, GEICO now insures over 28 million vehicles. Known for its friendly Gecko mascot, it offers inexpensive prices and several discounts, making it desirable. The company has middling J.D. Power claims satisfaction scores.

The GEICO claim process is simple. The company has made the claims process easy so you can get your car fixed and back on the road. In the event of an accident or car damage, understanding the claims process will help you plan and obtain the necessary paperwork.

Key Takeaways. How To File Insurance Claim Against


How To File Insurance Claim Against Other Driver Geico


File a claim with GEICO by phone, online, or via the mobile app.
GEICO’s Auto Repair Xpress can evaluate and repair your vehicle while you drive a rented car, speeding up the claims procedure.
GEICO settles certain claims in 48 hours.
You should create a description of the occurrence and contact information for other drivers.

How to Report an Insurance Claim at GEICO

You can file a claim with GEICO online or via their mobile app, which takes around five minutes. You can call claims representatives 24/7.

Provide the information on the checklist below when filing the claim. You will receive a claim number to check your claim status online or via the app.

If your claim is related to an accident, reporting it immediately helps everyone remember and report accurate information. The sooner you register the claim, the faster your car can be repaired and returned to the road.

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Use Our Helpful Checklist

Prepare this crucial information before filing your claim. You can report a claim and add details later, but try to gather as much of the following as possible:

The names and contact information of all accident drivers, passengers, and witnesses
Accident date, time, and place
Photos of the damaged area and all vehicles
Other drivers’ car insurance company, policy number, and phone number
Detail images of your automobile and damage
Names and badge numbers of responding police officers.

How Geico Handles Car Insurance Claims

Your vehicle is evaluated and paid for swiftly by GEICO. If your car is undriveable, an adjuster will inspect it.

GEICO’s Auto Repair Xpress can expedite claims processing and repairs for driveable cars. Your insurer will usually set a time to bring in your car within 24 hours of submitting a claim.

A shop representative will assess vehicle damage and assist with repairs. The damage estimate and repair status updates will be given to you when you pick up your automobile.

GEICO pays numerous claims in 48 hours. Your claim will be settled by mail or direct deposit. The money received covers vehicle repairs minus your deductible.

How to After an Accident

Car accidents can cause stress and distress. You must also take precautions to keep everyone safe. Next, gather insurance claim information. While an accident scene may be hectic, follow these steps:

Check for injuries and contact 911 for police and medical assistance.
Move your driveable vehicle out of traffic but stay in the accident area.
Don’t discuss policy limits or accident faults.
Photograph the scene, automobiles, and car damage.
Share your auto insurance company and contact information with accident victims.
Give the responding officer your information and acquire their name and badge number.
Request roadside help if you cannot drive your vehicle.

You may need to get a police report if an officer responds. Gather information and keep it in the GEICO mobile app.

Online Car Insurance Claim Reporting

Report your GEICO claim online. Log in and select a claim type, such as glass or accident.

Next, enter the incident’s state, date, time, and general description. As the claim progresses, you may need to provide contact information for other drivers, property owners, and your vehicle’s location.

Claim filing results in a confirmation email. Logging into GEICO lets you view and manage your claim quickly. Contact a claims examiner to validate details and explain the next steps.

Common Questions. How To File Insurance Claim Against

What information will GEICO need to report the claim?

The location and time of your car or person’s damage will be needed by GEICO. You must report any other drivers and their car damage. Photos and a police report assist.

How do I file a claim?

GEICO accepts claims via phone, app, or online. Phone representatives are available 24/7; online filing takes five minutes.

Will filing a claim raise my rate?

If you file a claim for an accident without accident forgiveness coverage, your insurance rates may increase. The rise is transient. After three to five years, the accident is removed from your driving record and rates should normalize.

What if the other driver is uninsured?

According to a 2021 Insurance Research Council report, 12.6% of motorists in 2019 were uninsured, increasing the risk of accidents involving uninsured drivers. The other driver’s information is still important in case you need to sue them for repair fees.


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