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Features Of Bulk Email Service Without bulk email services, email marketing is impossible. In what way is bulk email service? A bulk email distribution tool, this lets marketers send emails to multiple recipient lists. In addition, such systems allow scheduled email sending. All of this lets marketers execute global email campaigns and reach the most people.

However, a good mass email service provider should do more than send emails. This article discusses different bulk email service characteristics to consider when choosing an ESP.

We remind you that Stripo integrates with 70 ESPs. This means you can send all Stripo-built transactional and other emails to an ESP with one click.

Bulk email marketing service?

Understand the definition of a bulk email marketing service before selecting a tool for future campaigns. This is a bulk emailing service that sends marketing emails to many recipients at once.

Advertisements, marketing efforts, and list updates use bulk emails. However, this is only one way to customize bulk email marketing for your organization.

Create successful email templates that evade spam filters by using a trustworthy bulk email sender that can send a lot of emails to your audience and won’t let you down. Bulk email senders are designed for high-volume email and know how to send so your reputation doesn’t suffer and your bulk emails and marketing campaigns don’t land up in potential buyers’ spam filters.

Main reasons for bulk emailing

Why use bulk email programs for sending unlimited emails to large audiences? Consider adopting bulk transactional and marketing emails for your firm for the following reasons:

Sale promotion. To boost sales and generate leads, consider mass mailing promotional emails for product promotions or newsletters. To maintain audience engagement, use newsletter email distribution to share events, unique content, and product updates. Easily alert your audience when certain goods or collections are updated, keeping your clients informed of your services and product selection.
Major announcements. You may be announcing website maintenance or retail hours. Your subscribers should know this to avoid frustration about these incidents.
Email triggers. Bulk email delivery automates the entire process by delivering emails instantly after user activities.

As you can see, bulk emails may support many areas of a business’ email marketing and marketing automation, thus you should look for a free bulk email provider. The primary features of this tool are now under consideration.

Features Of Bulk Email Service


Features Of Bulk Email Service


Consider the following aspects when searching for a free bulk email tool for your organization. These characteristics are the foundation of valuable functionality that will simplify marketing and emailing. During your tool search, not all options may have all of these capabilities. But let’s begin.

1. Analytical Tools. Features Of Bulk Email Service

Global bulk email marketing strategies are always hoped to succeed and function as planned (or better). Bulk email providers should have dashboards with real-time email marketing analytics to track your progress.

More detailed dashboards are better. The tool you use must offer open and bounce rate, CTOR, CTR, spam rate, comprehensive email analytics, and detailed reporting features to track your email campaigns.

This essential client data (such as location, age, etc.) can help you make decisions and improve your email marketing strategy.

2. Tracking user activity

Information is always the key to opportunity since you can study and decide on it. User behavior tracking solutions let you track, collect, and analyze quantitative and qualitative user data to understand how your product or website is used.

This lets you personalize emails and adverts.

3. Email segmentation/personalization

Segmentation and personalization are related. Both are essential for sending appropriate content to your audience. This is likely why they remain a prominent email marketing trend.

Because personalization boosts revenue by 760% and more. Consider advanced email personalization possibilities when choosing an email service provider for email marketing.

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4. A/B testing. Features Of Bulk Email Service

Using A/B testing is a key strategy for improving email campaigns. AB testing determines email audience response.

Test various aspects of bulk emails, such as subject lines, CTA buttons, and body content, to determine the optimal combination.

5. Auto-throttling bulk emails

Pay attention to email throttling as a feature for bulk email senders. You can control how many emails your contacts receive daily.

ESPs regulate the number of bulk email sender emails a person can get per day. If a user receives too many emails, the ISP may blacklist the sender as SPAM.

This is why your ESP must limit user email distribution.

This method optimizes email delivery and reduces spam folders.

6. Automation

Send hundreds or thousands of trigger, transactional, and targeted emails daily to your users. You can’t do it manually. This is a must-have feature in a new ESP since automated emails save lives.

Stripo’s “Replace an existing email template” is essential for email triggers.

Suppose you need to update a few trigger emails. Stripo bulk exports those templates to your email service and chooses the “Replace an existing email template option” to automatically replace the templates in your ESP’s “Email automation” section without pausing the workflow.

When you push a new template to your ESP, the old one disappears and the new one is used in your process.

7. Smart send. Features Of Bulk Email Service

In addition to scheduled newsletters, your bulk email service may:

Resending emails to non-openers dramatically enhances bulk email open rates;

determine the optimum send time based on recipients’ time zones and email opening times.

Best mass email services should have this feature as one of their key features. You can schedule numerous campaigns for different targets, which can elevate your email marketing.

8. Customer verification

No one enjoys spam in their emails or online. Top bulk email software suppliers thoroughly vet prospective clients before providing marketing solutions. Spammers and other mailing list spammers use the same mailing tool as you.

If your firm sends only legitimate emails (subscriptions, personal emails) utilizing a shared IP address, other businesses’ negative reputations can affect yours. The email marketing campaign and effort will fail. Therefore, consider this before picking a platform.

9. Dedicated IPs. Features Of Bulk Email Service

A company should reward engaged customers. Thus, you should use the same mass email service to get a distinct IP address to increase email delivery.

If you send targeted and promotional emails numerous times a month, consider that bulk email provider. This gives you a custom IP to strengthen your email marketing strategy.

10. AMP Email Support

AMP offers the following capabilities in emails:

increasing Abandoned Cart email sales by 82%;

delivering fresh content to users whenever they read your emails;

putting Google Docs data into emails to update them at any time;

expanding user engagement by 225%;

boosting user response rate by 520%.

Therefore, your bulk email service must support AMP.

Stripe lets you create AMP bulk email without coding. And export them to your ESP with one click.

Lightning indicates ESPs that integrate with Stripo.

If your ESP supports AMP but does not integrate AMP emails directly, you can download your bulk email as an AMP HTML file and import it.

Since all email marketing initiatives will be reliant on your bulk email sender, choosing wisely is important. We reviewed the top 10 email service providers to aid in your selection.

11. Drag-and-drop

The ability to swiftly generate and send a basic email will save you a lot of time and stress. The email editor should be basic and based on a drag-and-drop editor that requires no technical knowledge to understand so you don’t spend time.

Thus, before choosing a free or commercial bulk email application, test the built-in drag-and-drop editor for versatility. You must ensure its functionality meets your needs.

We covered the best email template builders of 2022.

Final words

Choosing a bulk emailing provider for marketing campaigns is important since it affects developing firms’ ease and success. Your mailing tool should offer all the capabilities you need to optimize flexibility and track success. The following bulk email service capabilities will help you organize clockwork email campaigns. We can also assist you in creating emails before sending them.


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